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BALI – As the majorities of Balinese Hindu and as a hotel industry which is a basically in Bali, The ONE Legian is also doing the Piodalan Ceremony. Piodalan is a religious activity that is related to the birth of a sacred place / thing which is refers to the Balinese calendar calculations. Piodalan is the ceremony activities conducted once a year as a gratefulness of the all abundance of blessings, as well as the right time to pray for a better achievement in the future and avoiding the bad things will be happened.

Most of things in Bali as well as hotel in Bali have their own ceremony. Based on Balinese calendar, Piodalan day of Hotel Vila Lumbung is on “Purnama ke Tiga”, which is on September 16th, 2016. Therefore, Hotel Vila Lumbung managed by The ONE Legian together with The Platinum Team will conduct the Piodalan Ceremony. The Piodalan activities had been started by Tirtha Yatra activities that is aim to collect a Tirtha or holly water from some holly temples in Bali that will be used during Piodalan Ceremony. This holy water is symbolizing the all of the blessings and the representation of God.

Started from Mendak Tirta for Pujawali with Platinum T.E.A.M spiritual Trip to Nusa Penida on September, 2nd, 2016 then continued the spiritual journey on September, 12th 2016 to Pura Rambut Siwi, Pura Tirtha Segara Rupek Pelinggih Kanjeng Ratu Kidul, Gilimanuk, Pura Sakti Pejarakan, Buleleng then Pura Goa Tirta Sunia. Still folloing Pre- Piodalan Ceremony, The Platinum Team also went to Pura Uluwatu, Pura Kali, Pura Dalem Sidakarya, Pura Dalem Pengembak, Pura Candi Darmada and Pura Tanah Kilap on September 14th, 2016. All spiritual activities are financially funded & inspired by Hindu Committee of The ONE Legian and Hotel Vila Lumbung.

A few days before the main day, the ceremony will be also started by decorating and putting the Wastra (cloth) towards all “Pelinggih”, and preparing Penjor as a symbol of Agung Mountain which resembles as the “Naga Besukih”, which represents prosperity, and made from crops and agricultural products. The ceremony activity continued by preparing “Banten” as an instruments and means of Piodalan, installation of tents and “Bale Pemiosan”, manufacturing the Gebogan, Tamiang, Canang Sari and Kewangen which also contested between departments within Hotel Vila Lumbung.

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Not only Tirta Yatra activity, Hotel Vila Lumbung also celebrates Piodalan Ceremony by holding some competition within department representative in Hotel Vila Lumbung and The ONE Legian. One of the successful completion was “Mekidung” Competition by present a “Kidung” of Purwa Kaning and Ida Ratu. Kidung is sacred song that contains the description of the book hosted by Vedic Hindus. Kidung also called Dharma Gita. Song of the hymn is sung in the norms of the life in the Vedic scriptures (Hindu scripture). In Hinduism, the song is one of the ways Hindus to worship God. In the activities of religious ceremonies in temples and in the activities of other Hindu religious ceremony is accompanied by the Mekidung. Kidung ussualy held before the peak event, held during the ceremony and the closing ceremony ( Mesineb). Nowadays, Kidung not only performed by older people such as antiquity, but also brought by the younger generation. Kidung also contested the purpose of preservation of cultural heritage of Bali.

By holding Mekidung Competition at Hotel Vila Lumbung on 31 August 2016, The Platinum Team wants to gain a Mekidung talent from every departments in the purpose of present a sacred song to God for Tirta Yatra activity or spiritual journey in the future as well preservation of cultural heritage of Bali. Both The ONE Legian and Hotel Vila Lumbung participated to the competition represented by each department divided into 8 team, such as Housekeeping Team, Front Office Team, Sales Marketing & Security Team, Engineering & Spa Team, Food & Beverage Team and the last is HRD & Accounting Team. Through this competition, The Platinum Team also invited some judges who become the expert in Mekidung. Mr. Jero Alit Bangah is one of the expert judge for Mekidung. During the competition, he also shared the concept of Mekidung as well as the technique followed by speech of why the Mekidung is important by other judge as well as Hotel Vila Lumbung Advisor and The ONE Legian General Manager, Mrs. Dewi Mas.

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Other judges who represent The ONE Legian and Hotel Vila Lumbung also participated to the event. Mr. I Wayan Suada as Hotel Operational Manager, Mr. Eka Pertama as Hotel Vila Lumbung Advisor 2 as well as Executive Assistant Manager at The ONE Legian, Mr. Mangku Sariana as The ONE Legian Chief Engineering and Mr. Ketut Marina as the chairman of the Mekidung Competition as well as IT Manager at The ONE Legian. Overall, the Mekidung Competition was running smoothly and the Best of the best winner goes to Housekeeping Team The ONE Legian while The Favorite won by HRD and Accounting The ONE Legian and Hotel Vila Lumbung.

Continue as a part of Pre-Piodalan Hotel Vila Lumbung, some Balinese Competitions were held at Hotel Vila Lumbung Garden by conducting Gebogan, Ngias Pelinggih, Canang Sari, Kewangen and Tamiang competition on 15 September 2016. Gebogan is a Balinese offering with the reflection of mountain shape or triangle. In Balinese language, Gebogan means ‘amount’ which in the old days, the Balinese were using ‘amount’ of their harvested product such as fruits to make gebogan. This offering is consisted of many kind of fruits, flowers and other ornaments that is arranged from bigger to smaller to form the required shape. It is not just the artistic or aesthetic value of a person needed to make beautiful gebogan, we have also to be patient to stick one by one of the fruits or flowers to its ‘core’ (made from the stem of banana sapling). Through the Gebogan competition, The Platinum Team wishes that the staff could make the Gebogan nicely to be presented to Piodalan Ceremony. As the part of making Gebogan, the Team also needed to prepare the complement of The Competition also consists of how to make Canang Sari, Kewangen and Tamiang as the offering during praying time. All the competitions including Ngias Pelinggih were also held at Hotel Vila Lumbung represented by each department of Hotel Vila Lumbung. Gebogan, Canang sari, Kwangen and Tamiang competition won by Front Office Team The ONE Legian as first place, and Accounting collaborate with Front Office and security Team Hotel Vila Lumbung as second place. Ngias Pelinggih competition won by Accounting collaborate with Front Office and security Hotel Vila Lumbung as first place and Food and Beverage Team Hotel Vila Lumbung.

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At the main day, that is on September 16th, 2016, Hotel Vila Lumbung Management and The Platinum Team will be celebrating the Piodalan Ceremony. The event will be started by Mendak Ida Pedanda (Holly Priest), who is the Holly One who will lead the Piodalan’s ceremony. By using the all of the means and instrument of ceremony which were prepared before, the Piodalan Ceremony will be conducted.
While Ida Pedanda leads the ceremony, Hotel Vila Lumbung Management and Platinum TEAM conducts “Muspa” (praying) together as gratitude of all blesses and pray for all the best in the future. After praying, the ceremony closed by Meyasa (lunch) together.

“This Piodalan ceremony, Hotel Vila Lumbung Management and Platinum Team can realize the gratitude for the all blessings from God, and showing commitment to implementing the Parahyangan activity as a part of Tri Hita Karana which is the basic concept of Hotel Vila Lumbung. In the other side, this ceremony also helps to maintain good relationship among all Management and Platinum Team, business partner and media partner to have a synergy harmony in color.” commented Mrs. Dewi Mas, CHA, CHT, Hotel Vila Lumbung Advisor.(*)

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