Melo Cafe, The Best Spot To Enjoy The Sunset in Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo, — Vacation to Labuan Bajo or to Flores is incomplete if you do not spend the afternoon to enjoy the sunset.

Particularly Labuan Bajo has been presenting to you how beautiful the sunsets can be found in many locations.

If you want to enjoy the sunset at the best location in Labuan Bajo you should choose Cafe Melo located on Jalan Trans Flores precisely in Melo, Liang Dara, West Manggarai.

Cafe Melo is a Cafe that is quite popular among other Cafe on Komodo Earth. Although he was a new age of corn, this place has been made by both domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy the sunset.

This atmosphere is more stable when you can enjoy the eyes of the sunset while sipping a cup of ground coffee original Manggarai which is the main menu in this Cafe while eating toast or banana fuel.

Strains of chill out music can also accompany valuable time in this Cafe.

One of the uniqueness of this Cafe Melo is the view that directly leads to the sea. The location is very strategic, Melo Cafe can be a suitable place to spend time with family.

A view that you can enjoy when in this cafe.

One of the advantages of this Cafe Melo is to have a parking lot that is large enough then the location is also not hard to find because this Cafe is right on the edge of the Trans Flores road.

For you highly recommended if you want to continue the journey to Wae Rebo or Ruteng it would be nice you stop at this Cafe Melo to just release fatigue.

Or vice versa you who just returned from Ruteng to Labuan Bajo can stop to this cafe to release your sense of joy during the trip.

Author: Remigius Nahal

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